KellieAnn Halvorsen

Creativity is important in KellieAnn's life and from a young age she has been found on stage, singing, writing, or covered in paint. She enjoys volunteering  with the Riverton Arts Council and "The Drama Princess's" story is inspired by her experience and observations with their local arts programs. She graduated from high school on the honor roll with several awards in theatre including the Utah Theatre Association Thespian of the Year, Junior of the Year and, of course, Lettering in Theater.

She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and is working on an Applied Associates of Science in Biology from Salt Lake Community College.

Caitlyn Neilson

Caitlyn has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, skipping over the stick-figure stage.  She has always insisted that her art tell a story.  Even when she was younger and would wake from a dream, rather than write it down, she would draw it out in sequence on several pieces of paper.  Now drawing is how she  dreams--refining every vision and daydream in the hopes of understanding it better.

She already has an AAS in Multimedia and is currently working on an  additional AAS in Illustration from the Salt Lake Community College.

Learn More about the book here.
About the Author & Illustrator
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