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Help Us Afford More Books and Products!

Other Drama Princess books are already in the works where Ellie and her friends will continue to introduce children to their community theater and important concepts in the performing arts. Concepts such as auditions, etiquette, singing, dance, design and more. As they become available these books and other products will be available for purchase on this website, and for use as instructional or fundraising material for performing arts groups. This can only happen with the support of readers like you! 

Support the Creators

"Ellie the Drama Princess: A Child's Introduction to the Theater Process" was created by author KellieAnn Halvorsen and illustrator Caitlyn Neilson, college students in Salt Lake City Utah. They gave much of their time, talents, and energy for this project, working for free with only a vision of what it could become. Donations to the Drama Princess project will go towards paying the creators for their work,  for maintenance and marketing, as well as the creation of online/print materials, and future products.  

Donate Time and Skills

We spoke of big plans for the Drama Princess books and for the big plans to work we need many people to help. If you would like to donate your time and skills to create material for this website (printable posters/signs, paper toys/games, writing suggested theater games and instruction material, printing, animation, videography, music creation and more), we would be happy to hear from you and give you full credit if the material is used. To inquire please fill out a contact form here

 Monetary donations will soon be taken through  Fundly.com.