Written by KellieAnn Halvorsen
Illustrated by Caitlyn Nielson

$18 per book*
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Book Description: 
You are invited to join Ellie, a creative 6-year-old as she introduces you to her beloved community theater and important concepts in the theater process. This innovative book is two books in one, a Storybook and a Guidebook. The Storybook explores the magic of the theater process through the eyes of a child. The Guidebook gives great insight into the process and the people whom make a production happen. Both is written to give children the confidence they need to succeed in the world of performing arts.

Join Ellie and her friends as she introduces you to her beloved kingdom of the stage in this, the first book of The Drama Princess series.

Product Details
Age Range: Elementary
Paperback: 60 pages. Full color illustration. Laminated cover.
Language: English
ISBN: 9781628474220
Product Dimensions: 8x10 inches

* $14 per book by special arrangement for use as educational curriculum or fundraising material. Please contact KellieAnn at for more information or to order discounted book for preapproved organization.

This book is available as an ebook on for $4.99.
Illustrated by Caitlyn Nielson
Illustrated by Caitlyn Nielson
Illustrated by Caitlyn Nielson
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